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Islamic Banking with Maktaba Sacco’s Halal Savings and Loans: Your Path to Financial Freedom

Islamic banking is gaining popularity worldwide due to its ethical and faith-based principles. These principles prohibit usury and require transactions to be based on real assets and mutual risk-sharing. Therefore, Maktaba Sacco’s Halal Savings and Loan product caters to the needs of members who want to save and borrow money without earning or paying interest. Maktaba Sacco is a registered savings and credit cooperative society in Kenya that provides affordable financial services to its members. The Sacco’s commitment to transparency [...]


Sharia Compliant Financial Products

Maktaba SACCO in its vision “…to be a leading Sacco in Kenya offering  dynamic financial services “ offers it’s Muslim members a range of Sharia’h compliant financial products to facilitate the uplifting of their      economic standards. halal   316 Views